Kyle Coetzer says, World Cup qualifier loss to West Indies central to Scotland’s growth

Kyle Coetzer: Scotland has entered the second round of the current ICC T20 World Cup after three consecutive victories, including a win over Bangladesh.

Just three years ago, the team had lost to the West Indies in qualifying for the ICC World Cup 2019 and did not make it to the main tournament.

In the rainy game, Kyle Coetzer-led’s team was six races behind the finish line. It is the pain that has not left her and has stimulated her until now.

Since then, however, much has changed in his preparation, accomplishments, and destiny.

“I think sometimes you need those disappointments to really spur us on,” Kyle Coetzer said on Sunday. “I don’t think there’s ever been a game of cricket I’ve thought about as much as that West Indies loss, and I think that framed a lot of the way we changed the way we trained, trained in a little bit more specific ways about key moments and winning things.

“It started with Grant, and then Shane has come in and carried that on brilliantly, to a stage now where some of these key moments that happen in games that we don’t even probably think about as much as we might have used to, and I think that shows in the way that we’re playing.

“Guys are playing with so much clarity and confidence and a smile on their face that we want those moments. We want to be in those moments, and each one of us wants to be the guy that stands up and wins that game for the team. I think that’s just the maturity of the squad being together for a number of years now, that we know each other well and we know how each other is going to win the game. I think that’s just the way the team has matured.” Kyle Coetzer added

The initial success of the tournament has already brought joy to the Scottish players.

After 5 overs, Scotland 26-1

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“All of Cricket Scotland has been waiting for this sort of moment where we do it on the world stage and show just how good we are and how much passion there is for the game in Scotland,” Macleod said. “There’s so many clubs and so many different people involved from junior ages all the way up to the senior men’s and women’s teams that have gotten involved in pushing this organization forward. I think everybody was just ecstatic and excited to see us go on to the Super 12s and show what we’ve got.

“The family were delighted, even if it means being away for a bit longer. Yeah, mom and dad were obviously very proud. And they’ve helped me a lot since I first started with Cricket Scotland at age 11, and then my wife. And my young son was delighted, as well.”

Despite the joy, the tournament is far from over. For Scotland to assert its authority against the best teams in the world. They have five more options in their Group B matches.

First in the World Cup second round against them in Afghanistan, who will face them in Sharjah on Monday.

Even if they play on the small grounds of Sharjah, the strong attack from Afghanistan’s spinning bowls will be fatal to Scotland’s ambitions to continue their winning streak. Due to the slowness of the playing field.

However, MacLeod believes that the way to fight Rashid Khan. The company will be to go on the offensive. And not allow their possible three-pronged attack on Rashid, Mohammad Nabi. And Mujeeb ur Rahman to dictate the terms.

“The biggest thing is you have to try and put the pressure back on them. I think like all the top-class teams that you play against. If you let the bowlers just bowl at you, their skills will be too good for you over a period. So I think you have to find a method of putting the pressure back on them. Whether that be with sweeping or coming down the wicket. Whatever your method is about it. And I think you’ve got to stick to it and be pretty disciplined to go with it.”

While Scotland has been able to resolve the conditions in Scotland well. They need to adapt their plans to the conditions in the United Arab Emirates.

With the ball, Josh Davey had taken the lead in power play. And death overs and selected three and five wickets in each phase in three games in the first round. Mark Watt had provided support in the middle with his restrictive left arm-twist. One of the areas of change Scotland would have to make would be the attack. On top of the order that would give the badass George Munsey a free license.

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