Sunil Gavaskar says ‘mentor can’t do much’ addresses hype on MS Dhoni’s role with Team India

Sunil Gavaskar: Sunil Gavaskar pointed out on Friday, speaking about MS Dhoni’s role with Team India in the ongoing T20 World Cup, that there is much a mentor can do.

Legendary batsman and former captain Sunil Gavaskar pointed out on Friday, when discussing MS Dhoni’s role with Team India in the current T20 World Cup, that there is much a mentor can do and it is the players who must come out. and do the “actual task”.

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In addition to the announcement of the Indian T20 World Cup team, the BCCI also announced that Dhoni would join the team as a mentor. Since then, enthusiasm for the India campaign has only grown considerably.

Addressing the hype during a conclave organized by Sports Tak, Gavaskar quipped: “Mentor can’t do much,” Gavaskar said on the show ‘Salaam Cricket‘. “Yes, he can help you prepare in the change room as it’s a fast-paced game and if needed, help you tweak the tactic. Maybe speak to batters and bowlers during the time-out, so the move to employ Dhoni is a good one but Dhoni will be in the change room, and it’s the players who have to perform the actual task in the middle. How they handle pressure would determine what the result will be.”

The former Indian starter also believes patron Virat Kohli will experience less pressure after deciding to ditch the T20 bracelet.

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“When you become a captain, you can’t just think about yourself, he has to speak to a batter who is going through a bad patch or discuss strategies with a bowler. Amid all this, one tends to neglect his own form,” he added.

When you don’t have that pressure, you can focus on your own game. I think it will do Virat good if he doesn’t have to worry about responsibility after the T20 World Cup. So you can focus on your own game and achieve as many races as possible.

“India’s problem in big matches has been team combination. If they would have got the final XI selection right in knock-out games, they would have had fewer problems. At times, your thought process is different,” he said.

He further explained: “In knock-outs and finals, you should bat first. Put runs on the board, whatever you put, 140 maybe. The other team has to score and it’s not always easy to score. At seven runs per over in international cricket.

“So when we haven’t batted first, in a chase. If you lose one or two wickets, you consolidate. And then catch up becomes a problem and they (Indian batters) have been found wanting.”

Cricket expert Gavaskar noted that India’s failure to win knockout games. In world tournaments was mainly due to incorrect team selection.

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India will begin their campaign against Pakistan on Sunday, October 24, at the Dubai International Stadium.

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