What is the problem between Sameer Wankhede and Nawab Malik? 10 out of 10

What is the problem between? Nawab Malik has been unrelenting in his attacks on NCB, particularly Sameer Wankhede, since the arrest of Aryan Khan on October 3. Wankhede remarked on Thursday that these attacks will only boost his morale, since Nawab Malik threatened to imprison him.

The animosity between Nawab Malik and Sameer Wankhede can be traced back to the arrest of Nawab Malik's son-in-law.

Nawab Malik, the pioneer of the Patriot Congress Party, could be a serve in Maharashtra’s Maha Vikas Aghadi cabinet. The Opiates Control Bureau’s zonal executive is Sameer Wankhede.

What is the problem? Both of them are right now within the news due to their progressing fight over the Aryan Khan case. The NCB secured Aryan Khan from a pontoon rave party on October 3. Since Aryan Khan’s capture.

What is the problem between? Nawab Malik has leveled a number of charges against NCB and, in specific, Sameer Wankhede, the foremost later of which is blackmail.

Here is everything you would like to know approximately what is the issue between Nawab Malik and Sameer Wankhede

1. The serve on Thursday denounced Sameer Wankhede of extortion.

2. Nawab Malik said when Bollywood stars were within the Maldives, Sameer Wankhede was within the Maldives, implying at a behind-the-scene development.

3. Wankhede negated the affirmation and said that he was within the Maldives on a excursion with his family. He took consent from the government (from his division) some time recently taking the takes off. He moreover attested that he has never been to Dubai opposite to what Nawab Malik claimed.

4. Nawab Malik posted indicated photographs of Sameer Wankhede’s sister Yasmeen Wankhede as prove of his claim. The NCB chief said he has come beneath individual assault for the final few days as his family individuals are being dragged into the case.

5. As Nawab Malik debilitated to put him behind the bars, Sameer Wankhede wished him the most excellent and said he is just a government worker, whereas Nawab Malik may be a serve. On taking legitimate steps against Nawab Malik, Wankhede said as a government worker, he should take his department’s authorization for that.

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