Harm ball: The new string in R Ashwin’s bow, Shrinking low for striking big

Harm ball: The wide arm or sidearm throw is done for more sidespin, Ashwin mentioned earlier. As he took a few steps toward the opening crease, R. Ashwin began to bend his knees and bow.

As if he was shrinking. When he reached the release position, he appeared to be three-quarters his original size, but the contraction hasn’t stopped. The bowling arm also becomes deeper and more lateral, as if it is imitating Kedar Jadhav.

The effort to squeeze and twist to get into the bunk on the upper side of a train is due to two reasons: a distraction for hitters and to change the position of the trigger as drastically as the law allows.

The resulting deliveries are typically slower in the air and undercut, with hitters having to adjust their eyes and head position to line up with the trajectory and then dissipate all force on their own, as the ball is quite limp in their own time of sweetness.

Shakib Al Hasan and Sunil Narine in the final of the IPL Eliminator game.

KKR Playing XI vs MI: No place for Kuldeep, will Shakib find a place?

After deciding that a lap paddle was the way to go, Shakib walked over and readied himself with his shot. Not only did the ball arrive late, but it also went much deeper.

Shakib had to crouch down and try to delay his shot, but it turned out to be too much, and unsurprisingly he failed to connect and was trapped in front.

Narine decided it would be better to go down the track and pick it up. Once again, the ball was not where I expected it to be, and, most importantly, it was out of rhythm.

Narine’s bat swing missed and he ended up lifting it up. A good sweeper can potentially handle the slower pace and trajectory.

Harm ball: Wider to get more turn

Harm ball: Shrinking low for striking big, the new string in R Ashwin's bow  - Newspostalk - Global News Platform

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The wide arm or sidearm throw is done for more sidespin, Ashwin mentioned earlier.

“Someone with a high-arm action like me will get more over-spin than side-spin. Graeme Swann bowls a lot wider with his arm than I do, so he achieves plenty of sidespins. I also bowl the wider arm delivery to impart side-spin these days.”

Hitters, especially if caught off guard, can be lured into the angle and make their starting move prematurely. This type of pitch allows the ball to slide in any direction, adding to the confusion for hitters. And all this without much impact.

As a result, lbws becomes a greater possibility, as Shakib pointed out. It’s a good surprise ball on slow, low pitches.

When Jadhav first threw him into the nets, he went more to try something out of sheer boredom and anger at being hit by all the batters. Jadhav used it generously, as did Manoj Tiwary and now Ashwin, and the other night he nearly committed a robbery.

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