US and EU demand that UN sanctions against North Korea be enforced.

US and EU demand, North Korea‘s “reckless provocations” are in violation of. Security Council sanctions resolutions, according to US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

North Korea test-fired a newly developed hypersonic missile in September, according to state news media KCNA. (File Photo)

North Korea‘s recent missile launches were slammed by the US and many European countries on. Wednesday, who said Pyongyang‘s technological gains underscore the urgent need to ramp up enforcement of. UN sanctions on its nuclear and missile programs, as well as its economic operations.

US and EU demand, North Korea‘s “reckless provocations” are in violation of. But Security Council sanctions resolutions, according to US Ambassador. Linda Thomas-Greenfield. She stated that it should begin discussions with the Biden administration without limitations in order to achieve total denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

She encouraged all countries to fully execute UN sanctions “to prevent the. DPRK from gaining access to the cash, technology, and know-how it requires to continue developing illicit weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs.”

Before an emergency closed meeting of the council on North Korea‘s latest missile launches. Thomas-Greenfield told reporters that the US has offered to see officials from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or DPRK, and that “we have made plain that we have no hostile intent toward the DPRK.”

In addition, Ireland, France, and Estonia, the three European Union members on the Security Council, said. Monday’s reported test of a submarine-launched ballistic missile “fits into a pattern of provocations by the DPRK” in recent weeks, which included launches of short-range ballistic missiles, long-range cruise missiles, and “what it has claimed to be a hypersonic glider.”

However, The recent submarine missile launch, they claimed, “underscores the. DPRK’s ongoing development of its nuclear and ballistic program, which expressed the goal of eventually acquiring sea-based nuclear capabilities.”

Therefore, Members of the EU council encouraged North Korea to stop its “destabilizing acts” and “take concrete steps to abandon its ballistic missiles” and other weapons of mass destruction, including its nuclear program, “in a full, verifiable, and irreversible manner.”

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