Prakash Padukone said ‘politics shouldn’t be mixed, India-Pakistan World T20 game should go-ahead’

Prakash Padukone: Ijaz is old school, he doesn’t value T20 cricket too much. He doesn’t seem like a coach who wants to praise his pupils to heaven or even rant about his own role in his success.

The 53-year-old says Haider is very confident in himself and can do well, but he is not very happy with the timing of his inclusion in the T20 World Cup squad.

While insisting that he was ‘no authority‘ and ‘nobody to comment

Prakash Padukone said sports and politics should not be mixed:

Sports, politics shouldn't be mixed, India-Pak World T20 game should go  ahead: Padukone - The Indies Times

“I personally feel sports should not be mixed with politics and it should go ahead, that is my personal opinion, whether it happens or not, I am no authority, I am nobody to comment,” Padukone said. “But if you ask my personal opinion, I think the match should go ahead, they have played in the past, so many times, so this is no different.”

Padukone said it was “impossible” for the current generation of players to catch up with the two Olympic champions.

The game, which will take place on October 24. Has become a hot topic after BJP and AAP politicians called for the game to be canceled. Following the recent terrorist killings of civilians in Kashmir. However, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI). Rajeev Shukla said on Monday. That India will have to play Pakistan as neither team can refuse to play against another team in a tournament. Organized by the International Cricket Council.
The legendary shuttle spoke at the launch of a badminton training program. Following a partnership between his sports management company and the National Sports Club of India (NSCI).

Padukone, meanwhile, admitted. That the “standard” in Indian women’s badminton was very low until Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu broke through.

Saina Nehwal vs PV Sindhu: Best of Indian badminton

While Saina, who is ranked 19th in the world rankings. Appears to be in the twilight of her long career, Sindhu is the only real competitor in women’s singles. Apart from Saina and Sindhu. There is no other Indian player in the top 50 of the world rankings. And only two are represented in the top 100: Ashmita Chaliha (83rd) and Mugdha Agrey (90th).

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