Coach Russell Domingo – No ‘major changes’ to Bangladesh line-up after Scotland defeat

Coach Russell Domingo: The Bangladesh head coach wants a better power game, with more balance between attack and defense.
Bangladesh will try to have different types of clubs in the middle and focus on a better power play against Oman, according to coach Russell Domingo. This is the reaction to their sixth loss to Scotland on Sunday, a result that jeopardized their advancement in the peloton and has drawn the ire of the public and the Bangladesh Cricket Board.
Domingo, on the other hand, was in a good mood during the press conference, putting aside the emotionally charged questions and focusing primarily on the cricket part of his work.

“I am always a fan of having a left-hander and a right-hander in the wicket,” Domingo said. “We want to have different types of batters batting at the same time, not similar types of players. We have discussed it in depth. There might not be major changes, but there might be one or two tweaks in the line-up.”As you have seen in the series against Australia and New Zealand, we have been flexible. It will depend on the situation and the bowlers that are bowling at the time.”

Coach Russell Domingo said they will make a trade against Oman, which will likely be the return of Mohammad Naim instead of Soumya Sarkar.

Russell Domingo's contract might be extended till T20 World Cup 2022: BCB  President

The initial trade when Soumya replaced Naim was a huge surprise, as Naim had opened in the last 17 Q20I from Bangladesh. Soumya was chosen because, according to Domingo, he offered a sixth bowling option.

But Bangladesh has had more problems with their starting partner in the last 12 games, regardless of whether they are Naim, Soumya, or Liton Das. Domingo said they need to approach power plays with more balance in their stroke play.

“If you get 35-45 in the first six, it allows you to launch at the backend. We have to address the powerplay a bit better now. We have made a few mistakes, played shots we shouldn’t have played, stopped playing those shots we should be playing. So we have to find the right balance between attack and defense in the first six overs,” he said.

Domingo said Bangladesh takes Scotland seriously and will face Oman with a similar mindset. “We didn’t take Scotland lightly. They beat Bangladesh in their last T20I encounter. There was no complacency in yesterday’s game. We have to show Oman great respect.”

Scotland are confident. They are playing at home. They have come off a good win. But we can’t focus on them. We have to focus on our particular performance, skills, and goals.”

Domingo urged his players to face the pressures of the World Cup, even if it means that everything they do on and off the field will receive additional scrutiny.

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