When Jimin of BTS was envious of Jin’s appearance, he would starve himself: His path to self-acceptance

When Jimin of BTS, Jimin may be the one who gives the rest of his BTS members consoling embraces, but his road to self-love hasn’t been simple. Here’s a look back at Jimin’s efforts to conquer his doubts and face his demons on his 26th birthday.

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Today is Park Jimin’s 26th birthday, often known as the “Angel of BTS.” The ARMY has given Jimin various nicknames, like ‘Mochi’ and ‘Chimchim,’ and they all seem to fit his bubbly attitude. Jimin is V and Jungkook’s Maknae (younger brother in Korean).

But based on multiple interviews and humorous Run BTS episodes, he also serves as the backbone of the entire K-Pop septet.

When Jimin of BTS, Perhaps this is why ARMY adores him so much — aside from his incredible dancing and singing abilities, of course, and his willingness to stick by his ‘brothers’ through thick and bad, making them laugh through tears. One such instance occurred backstage at the. BTS Love Yourself in Seoul DVD, when Jungkook sobbed because he felt he had screwed up.

Jimin hugged him tightly and reassuringly added. “Nobody knew he made a mistake,” and even managed to get JK to grin. When the members are sad or disheartened, Jimin is always there to soothe them with hugs and words of encouragement. However, his journey to self-acceptance has not been easy.

Jimin was very critical of himself in the early days of. BTS, and he was self-conscious about his vocal abilities as well as his appearance. “Our team’s Jin is the visual of our squad since he’s incredibly gorgeous,” he said in one live. So I’m a little envious of him.” Jimin’s concerns reached an all-time high after some. Admirers were disappointed when he lost his abs, claiming he’lost his characteristic look.’

Jimin became particularly discouraged as a result of this. And began to fast and consume only little bits of food before rehearsals. During BTS’s Blood Sweat And Tears era, he was on a strict diet and often go days without eating. He turned down invitations to eat dinner with his band members because he was terrified of gaining weight. Jimin later said that he had passed out numerous times during rehearsals.

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