Earl Eddings resigned as Cricket Australia Chairman for over 13 years being a Director

Earl Eddings: Eddings resigns as president three years after considering his wish for a second term.

Earl Eddings has resigned as chairman of Cricket Australia. And resigned from the board just 24 hours before Thursday’s general meeting.

Eddings was a director for 13 years and president since 2018 after the previous president. David Peever resigned over cultural criticism at Cricket Australia following the ball-handling scandal in South Africa.

Current director Richard Freudenstein was elected interim president. And will preside over the general meeting on Thursday for a short term until a new president is elected.

Eddings has come under intense scrutiny in recent weeks. As states have divided over his desire to serve a second term as president. And New South Wales and Queensland have already spoken out against him.

The latter part of his tenure had been dominated by the Covid19 pandemic. Which initially led to massive revenue cuts in states of up to 50%. Which were eventually traded at 12.5%, while the South Africa tour was also postponed earlier this year.

Despite the opposition from two states

CA had released a statement on September 16 saying. “The Board of Cricket Australia today announces its unanimous endorsement of Earl Eddings for a second and final term as Chairman ahead of next month’s Annual General Meeting. Where members will be asked to vote on his re-election as an independent director.”

He had agreed to appoint a vice president and begin stepping down before stepping aside. During his second term, but that had not been enough to convince his critics.

The Australian reported that Western Australia had also withdrawn its support for Eddings. Leaving him with no option as he did not have at least four votes from six states to stay.

“It is my sincere hope that following my resignation. The State and Territory associations can unite and work together in the best interests of cricket. Allowing the focus to return to the sport ahead of the 2021-22 season,” Eddings said

“It has been an honor and a privilege to be able to serve. The sport I love as a Cricket Australia director. In that time, and particularly during my time as Chair, we have navigated some of the sport’s greatest challenges. Including rebuilding the trust and reputation of Australian cricket after the Newlands incident and, more recently. The enormous impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on domestic and international cricket.”

Eddings never had the unanimous support of the Australian cricket community during his tenure as president.

Earl Eddings resigns as Cricket Australia chairman - Eagles Vine

He was forcing to resign as a candidate for the Victoria CA board of directors in 2019. After losing the support of his home state but was elects to remain. On the CA board and as an independent director.

Eddings played a key role in the appointment of Nick Hockley as CEO of Cricket Australia. Following the resignation of Kevin Roberts in 2020. Hockley was appointed interim CEO in June 2020 but was not officially confirms as Roberts’s successor until May 2021.

More recently, Eddings and Hockley were forced to act as intermediaries. When concerns arose among older players about Justin Langer’s position as coach.

The CA board of directors is now faced with the task of appointing a new president. And vice president over the next 12 months. To ensure a smoother transition process in board governance after the last two presidents were forced to resign. Without proper succession agreements.

At Thursday’s general meeting. The states will have the opportunity to vote on the re-election of two directors. Lachlan Henderson of WA and Greg Rowell of Queensland, who was appointing to the board in June.

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