2021 IPL NEWS: R Ashwin Against Eoin Morgan

2021 IPL NEWS: R Ashwin Against Eoin Morgan-

After a toss ricocheted off his batting partner Rishabh Pant’s body during last week’s IPL encounter between DC and KKR, Ashwin attempted to take a run.

This did not sit well with KKR captain Eoin Morgan, and the two players had a furious argument as a result.

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Ravichandran Ashwin, a senior Indian off-spinner, has sought to put an end to the controversy surrounding his on-field brawl. With England captain Eoin Morgan over an extra run during an IPL match.

Claiming that it was not a personal feud, but rather a disagreement over how the game should be played. During the IPL encounter between the DC and the KKR last week.

After a toss ricocheted off his batting partner Rishabh Pant’s body, Ashwin attempted to grab a run for his team, which is headed by Morgan.

2021 IPL NEWS: R Ashwin Against Eoin Morgan

2021 IPL NEWS : Morgan and Ashwin then got into a spat, with the England white-ball captain calling the Indian a “disgrace” and accused him of violating the “Spirit of Cricket.”

Despite the fact that MCC rules allow for scoring of runs after a batsman’s body has rebounded.

England had benefited from a similar comeback not long ago.

When they were granted four runs when a deep throw struck Ben Stokes’ bat during the 2019 World Cup final. The umpire signaled overthrows, allowing them to win the tournament.


“Look, I don’t believe it’s a personal or one-on-one war, and I wouldn’t characterize it as such. People seeking attention may interpret it that way, but I don’t see it that way at all “After last night’s game against CSK, Ashwin stated.

“…I wasn’t the one who noticed Rishabh had been hit (Pant).

So I simply got the impression that they’d already chosen to give it a shot. Which is one of the reasons why I stated the words used weren’t in the appropriate direction or in the correct place.” He went on to clarify.

He was referring to his Twitter remarks following the game.

In which he implored Morgan and Tim Southee to refrain from using “derogatory” language and lectured him on the “Spirit of Cricket” by assuming the moral high ground.

After Ashwin was dismissed in that match, fast bowler Southee reportedly chastised the senior Indian cricketer, stating.

“That’s what happens when you cheat.”

After seeing Ashwin racing towards Morgan and Southee, Dinesh Karthik stepped in to put out the flames.

“I think we need to recognize that everyone is different culturally right now,” Ashwin said.

“The way people are educated to play cricket in England and in India, the way people think is absolutely different.”

“I don’t think there’s anyone here who’s doing something bad.

It’s only that the way the game was played in the 1940s cannot be the same way you want it to be played now ” he stated

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