Qualification scenarios: What RR, KKR, and MI, need to do to make the playoffs

Qualification scenarios: With seven featured games in the league phase of IPL 2021, there are two different battles for rankings and positions. Teams fourth through the seventh battle for fourth place, while the top three seek a result in the top two. This is what teams must do to achieve their goals.

Rajasthan Royals

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Matches played: 12, Points: 10, NRR: -0.337, Remaining games: vs Mumbai Indians, Kolkata Knight Riders

Qualification scenarios: Knight Riders‘ excellent NRR means there is little room for maneuver for the other teams. The only realistic chance for the Royals to qualify is to win their last two games. Since their opponents are Mumbai and Knight Riders, those two wins will also knock out those two teams.

However, when it comes to the NRR with a team level of 12, the Royals are highly unlikely to pull it off. Even if they lose just one race to Mumbai, they will have to beat Knight Riders by about 75 races to get past them in the NRR.

Kolkata Knight Riders

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Matches played: 13, Points: 12, NRR: 0.294, Remaining game: vs Rajasthan Royals

Qualification scenarios: Knight Riders are better placed to take fourth place. The win over Sunrisers Hyderabad raised their score to 12, but more importantly, their net run rate is an impressive 0.294, by far the best among teams battling for fourth place in the playoffs. A win in their last game on Thursday against the Royals will likely see them finish fourth.

However, if they lose on Thursday, they have to hope that the Mumbai Indians and royals do not go past 12. For that Mumbai must beat the Royals and lose their last game against Sunrisers. In this case, the Knight Riders with the best NRR among the teams with 12 points are classified.

Mumbai Indians

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Matches played: 12, Points: 10, NRR: -0.453, Remaining games: vs Rajasthan Royals, Sunrisers Hyderabad

Qualification scenarios: Mumbai is in a similar position to the Royals, their NRR is so bad that they have to win both games to qualify. Even if they do, they have no real chance if the Knights Riders beat the Royals and reach 14. Mumbai has to win its two games by a combined margin of around 200 runs to stand a chance.

At the top of the table, meanwhile, it’s all about finishing in the top two, with three teams vying for those few spots.

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