Duminy to defy SA’s tournament troubles in the new role

Duminy to defy SA’s tournament: You would think that a dozen disasters would have been enough for JP Duminy to think twice before playing with the prospect of an unfortunate 13th place. The six editions of the T20 World Cups. Three Champions Trophies, and three World Cups in which he has participated ended badly for South Africa.

For the next T20 World Cup, he will be back in the locker room, this time as a “strategic advisor”.

“It’s trying to add value wherever I can,” Duminy said in an audio file CSA released on Friday. “It’s not necessarily honing in on a particular department or skill.” Duminy said, he would use his playing experience to “contribute. Understanding and being aware of things that may unfold”. Familiarity helped: “I have played against many of these cricketers and played with them, and I have relationships with the players and staff that are in the mix.”

Duminy played the last of his 326 games for South Africa in the 2019 World Cup. And had not been so fast that he was back in the harness. “I was packing my bag and I realized I needed to go back into the garage and take out my South African blazer and tie. It dawned on me that I didn’t think I would be pulling that out of the cupboard two years after retiring. That was an emotional moment.”

“It’s not something I ran after; it found me. In my role as Lions [batting] coach [since June], I was asked to come into the environment. Even in this role, I have been asked to come in.”

At 37, Duminy is at the beginning of his career as an elite coach, a job he was reportedly offered.

India vs South Africa: JP Duminy named captain for T20I squad

It will also help define the roles: “That’s what the players want. They want to make sure there is clarity when they come out and they are under pressure. We want to make sure we give them enough information. So that they find the answers.” If we can ask the right questions, we can find the right answers together. “

That would make a change. South Africa has participated in 22 ICC tournaments and won only one, The International Cup.

The precursor to the Champions Trophy in Bangladesh in November 1998. It has played 17 knockout games and prevailed in just five. But they won 63 of the 101 free-for-all games. Therefore, they are less than half as successful when losing is not an option compares to when it is. It is an accusation of performance under pressure from a team. That tended to compete in tournaments at or near the top of the rankings. Duminy himself played in six Suddendeath games, five of which his team lost.

South Africa is currently behind England, India, Pakistan, and New Zealand in the T20I ranking.

However, given the non-IPL player camp in Durban. Duminy believed his charges could turn things around in the UAE and Oman in the coming weeks.

Duminy switched backroom staff after assistant. Coach Enoch Nkwe resigned in August. A fact that has at times been drawn by unfair criticism of Boucher’s appointment. And his involvement in locker room culture during his active days of racism.

Things have changed for the better on the pitch. South Africa hid Sri Lanka 30 on the Asian island last month. As they showed the will and ability to accept spin, accounting for just under two-thirds of the overs they threw to series visitors and claiming nearly three times as much land. What a seam while almost three fewer races and one more were awarded. Similar conditions will be offering at the T20 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

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