How Rahman and Kartik Tyagi won for the Royals in the last two overs

How Rahman and Kartik Tyagi won for the Royals in the last two overs: The Kings need eight of the twelve goals. Mustafizur only conceded 4 goals in the 19th round and Tyagi only conceded one goal in the 20th round. In an amazing incident in Dubai on Tuesday night, Mustafizul Rahman and Kartik Tyagi of the Rajasthan Royal team won the match against the Punjab Kings. In the process of looking for 186 people, the Kings only need to get 8 runs from the last two games and have 8 wickets in their hands. Mustafizur only lost four points in the penultimate game, and then Tyagi hit a five-pointer in the final game and won two wickets.

Kartik Tyagi to Allen, no run.

Twitter Erupts As Kartik Tyagi Delivered A Brilliant Last Bowler And  Defended Four Runs

It expands like this:

There is nowhere to escape from Mustafizur to Pooran. The back is long and the outside is wider. Pooran threw a bat at it and cut in behind the square. But lost. There is nowhere to escape from Mustafizur to Pooran. Wide York. Keep it away from the crease. Puran bends his knees, deep into the coverage point. But there is no connection. Mustafizur to Pooran, 1 run. Cut to the third person, he was very, very good. Wide York tried and he gained enough advantage on the racket. Mustafizur once again far exceeded the line. But this is a fair ball, not a no-ball. The outside of the stump is full and wide. Even beyond the tram. But the referee said it was a legal ball because Huda was eliminated.

Kartik Tyagi went to Allen and did not run. Kartik Tyagi, your hero! As a teenager who won a cricket match in the 2020 U19 World Cup, his performance in the IPL today is almost impossible. Full, Wide, and Allen cannot connect to the drive. Samson and the Royals scored two consecutive victories after shooting a five-pointer in the final.

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