England withdraws from October tour to Pakistan

England withdraws from October tour to Pakistan: The England men’s and women’s teams were originally scheduled to play in the Rawalpindi T20I double-headed team from October 13th to 14th. The women’s team will continue to participate in the next three ODI series. The European Central Bank stated that England’s planned two T20I trips to Pakistan in mid-October have been canceled.

England withdraws from October tour to Pakistan

England withdraw from October tours to Pakistan

The European Central Bank issued a statement on Monday afternoon. It is confirming that its board of directors “reluctantly was decide to withdraw the two teams from the October trip”. Citing “increasing concerns about travel to the region” and “comment on an already operating gaming team. Prospects for further stress drills.” It lasted a long time in a restricted Covid environment. “In particular, the statement did not specifically mention security issues. The European Central Bank also apologized to the Pakistan Cricket Committee because they believed it would have a serious impact on Pakistan’s cricket. They also recognize the support Pakistan has shown to them through visiting England during the Covid era in the past two years. They also promised to fulfill their promise to tour Pakistan in 2022.

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