History of Whatsapp

History of Whatsapp

Established in 2004 by previous Yahoo! workers Brian Acton and Jan Koum, it in the long run sold to Facebook for $19 billion. It entered into the Facebook Inc. domain, headed by Stamp Zuckerberg beside Facebook and Instagram. As a result, WhatsApp is transitioning into a Super App, or an even versatile stage where clients can do anything from communication to installments. Let see the history of Whatsapp and more to know about this application.


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WhatsApp is establishing in 2004 by previous Yahoo! workers Brian Acton and Jan Koum. Both Acton and Koum were early adopters of the iPhone and realize the at that point newly-creates App Store was around to make an entire unused industry.

The match refined their thought for WhatsApp amid week-by-week pizza and motion picture evenings with companions. Koum in specific imagined an app where a list of names in an address book seems to have personal statuses.

For case, one contact may well be on a call whereas another had a moo battery. Pizza and motion picture night have Alex Fishman at that point presented Koum and Acton to iPhone designer Igor Solomennikov – a Russian developer Fishman had found on RentACoder.com. Enthusiastic to start, Koum joined WhatsApp in February 2009.

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Koum went through much of 2009 composing the backend code for WhatsApp. And went through numerous monotonous hours altering it for the subtleties of worldwide dialing prefixes.

Indeed, early adaptations of WhatsApp habitually slam, and clients of the app were restricts to Fishman’s prompt circle of friends.

A few months afterward, Koum was a tease with stopping WhatsApp and searching for another work. But the to some degree fortunate dispatch of thrust notices by Apple spared the day. This permitted a WhatsApp client to ping everybody in their organization each time they changed status.

Custom statuses such as “I woke up late”; or “I’m on my way” in the long run morphed into a moment informing benefit. At the time, there was a small competition in this space.


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In October 2009, Acton convinced five of his previous Yahoo! colleagues to supply $250,000 in seed subsidizing.

One month afterward, the app was propelling within the App Store. Koum and Acton would work at no cost for the other few a long time, sharing an unmarked building with Evernote and wearing covers within the winter for warmth.

WhatsApp at that point got to be a paid service, ostensibly to constrain development but also to cover mounting operational costs. 

Fair two a long time afterward, it was immovably dug in within the best twenty apps within the U.S. App Store.

After securing $8 million in VC financing, the app developed rapidly with over 200 million clients by February 2013.

Acquisition by Facebook

By 2014, there were over 500 million clients on WhatsApp with the stage allegedly including over 1 million clients per day.

Realizing its development potential – especially in creating markets – Facebook made moves to obtain WhatsApp in February that same year.

A bargain was done for an amazing 19B USD with numerous addressing why Facebook would pay so much for a company making a fair 20M USD in yearly income. In straightforward terms; WhatsApp had gotten to be a coordinated risk to the life span of the social media stage; – and Zuckerberg knew it.

The area of the bargain was moreover to some degree lovely for Koum. He and Acton met with Sequoia wander capitalist agent Jim Goetz; in a neglected building not distant from WhatsApp central station.

The area was too the previous welfare office where Koum, a Ukrainian migrant; had stood in line for nourishment stamps a long time prior.

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