Tokyo 2020: Women’s light Olympic champion-Kellie Anne Harrington

Kellie Anne Harrington of Ireland has ended up the new Olympic winner in the women’s light course overcoming Brazil’s Beatriz Ferreira in a 5-0 win on points at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Harrington had been looking to imitate the achievements of Katie Taylor, who won the women’s lightweight at London 2012.

“I have no words. The difficult work, dedication, sacrifice that has gone into this,” Harrington said on being an Olympic gold medallist. “The forlorn minutes, the tears, you know it’s fair like my family knows, my coaches know, the coaches here know, it hasn’t indeed hit yet.

“I’m crying as I have a sense of help. When I get back and I’m in my room on my claim. Or when I get to the group, it’ll hit, but I don’t know, I’m fair relieved.”

Beatriz Ferreira

Tokyo 2020: Women's light

Ferreira, the ruling world winner in this weight lesson. Got the upper hand on her adversary early on within the gold award battle. But as the bout drew on Harrington was overseen to wrap up Round 1 strong.

The Irish boxer’s energy carried over to Round 2. But Ferreira came out within the third decided to not let the gold slip from her get a handle on that effectively, giving it everything she had. But within the conclusion, a consistent choice from the judges gave it to Harrington.

“I’m an Olympic winner but it doesn’t define me as a person. At domestic, I’d say it will be a bit mental, but I will be going back to work in two or three weeks,” said the 31-year-old, who may be a part-time cleaner at St. Vincent’s Clinic in Dublin.

“I’ll get home, have a break, eat loads of pizza. I’m sure there will be a small party at work for me and I’ll be bringing my medal there.”

The bronze medals to Finland’s Mira Marjut Johanna Potkonen and Thailand’s Sudaporn Seesondee.

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