Crowned Olympic super heavyweight boxing champion- Bakhodir Jalolov

Uzbekistan boxer Bakhodir Jalolov lifted his arms at the end of the super-heavyweight 91kg bout after overcoming his old match, United States’ Richard Torrez Jr, to received gold and his country’s first-ever Olympic title within the event.

It was the second time they had confronted each other within the last two years prior. But this time the 27-year-old did not brutally knock out the American. The 22-year-old, with more experience beneath his belt. That fought hard in the bruising battle but was denied the triumph, which the judges granted to Jalolov 5-0.

“The final bout was truly hard,” the Uzbekistan athlete said later. “I still feel as on the off chance that I’m dreaming right now, being a champion. I think a part of sportsmen would adore being the Olympic winner. It was too one of my dreams when I was a child. Presently I may achieve the result.”

The two opponents had final squared up at the 2019 AIBA World Boxing Championships but the memory of his vanquish didn’t appear to stage Torrez, as he calmly and confidently strolled into the Kokugikan Field to the strains of Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’. He was there to exact revenge, and he meant business.

Richard Torrez

Crowned Olympic

Within the first round, he went on the assault, setting a frenetic pace, putting within the punches. Uzbekistan towered over him, but Torrez was more agile and faster on his feet. Jalolov, who turned proficient a few a long time back, missed shots as the American, a beginner, ducked to maintain a strategic distance from the impact. He went back to his corner and his US coach Billy Walsh as the victor of the first round.

By the second Jalolov, who came fifth within the occasion at Rio 2016, started landing his executioner blows. The arbitrator briefly halted the battle so that Tozzer may have a cut treated, but the American got straight back into the affray. He watched well, decided there would be no knockouts amid this bout, but the world winner looked unsafe and in spite of Tozzer’s Valliant endeavors, he landed a few right pokes. The judges consistently granted the round to the Uzbekistan athlete.

Rustam Saidov

Crowned Olympic

The youthful opponent battled right to the conclusion of the third round, cheered on by his US teammates, but again Jalolov, who too battled hard, won by a unanimous choice and was crowned Olympic winner within the final boxing bout of Tokyo 2020. He is the first-ever boxer from his nation to win the title and as it were the moment to claim a medal within the occasion after Rustam Saidov took bronze in Sydney in 2000.

“I had the world in my hands, and it slipped, and I watched it fall and break, and I’m trying to pick up the pieces,” said a disappointed Tozzer, who had to settle for silver.

“He’s a big dude. He’s a huge athlete I want to say congrats to him. However, being in that ring and getting hit, it’s not fun. Everybody has a plan until they get punched within the mouth. I got hit one time, I got wobbled, but I was able to preserve my feet, I was able to preserve my composure and continue.”

On his way to the final Jalolov didn’t lose a point. He too defeated Incredible Britain’s Frazer Clarke, who collected bronze, and India’s Satish Kumar 5-0, and Azerbaijan’s Mahammad Abdullayev 5-0. The second bronze was granted to Kazakhstan’s Kamshybek Kunkabayev, who Torrez overwhelmed within the semi-final.

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