CAO Yuan makes history with 10m platform gold medal in Tokyo Olympics

CAO Yuan of the People’s Republic of China has ended up the primary jumper to win Olympic gold awards in three distinctive plunging events after clinching gold within the men’s 10m stage at the Olympic Game Tokyo 2020.

The three-time Olympian included his gold medals from the 10m synchro at London 2012 and 3m springboard at Rio 2016.

Cao’s compatriot YANG Jian have finished with silver and Tom Daley with bronze as he got to be the primary British competitor to win at least four Olympic medals in diving.

“I thought the whole competition here has been really interesting,” Daley said. “There has been such a lack of competition over the last 18 months, people haven’t been competing at regularly so we’ve gone from not competing to competing at the Olympic Games.

“I thought the competition nowadays was strong, it was energizing. We fought all the way through and it was truly decent to be up with these two jumpers. They’re the most excellent of the finest and it was pleasant to be competing up there with them.”

At the midway point of the final, it got to be clear that the fight for gold-silver-bronze would come down to Yang, Cao, and Daley but what colour they would wear was anyone’s guess.

All three divers had never dropped out of the beat three amid the competition with Cao and Daley each within the gold decoration position at a few points.

Tom Daley

CAO Yuan makes history
Tom Daley of Team Great Britain poses with the gold medal during the medal presentation for the Men’s Synchronised 10m Platform Final at the Olympic Games at Tokyo Aquatics Centre on July 26, 2021.

Daley scored well all through the ultimate, as it was plunging underneath 90 points amid his armstand back 3 somersaults on his fourth jump. Yang also blamed slightly on that same jump – it was his most reduced scoring jump of the day but that didn’t appear to put off the Chinese divers’ performance.

Both Yang and Cao scored especially well on their fifth jump with 102.60 and 101.75 individually, putting them within the box situate for a gold-silver wrap-up.

Daley produced a strong last dive, which put the pressure back onto the two Chinese jumpers to deliver and they did.

Yang’s dive, a forward 4 1/2 somersault, broke the Olympic record for the most elevated scoring jump at an Olympic Game with 112.75 focuses with Cao also scoring over 100 focuses (102.60 to be correct). As it were 1.95 focuses would separate the two divers within the end as Cao claimed gold.

“My final jump I’ve been honing for numerous years, since 2013 until now,” Yang said. “So it is something I’m good at and it’s my final dive to showcase my performance. I left no regrets.”

“Yang is almost superhuman because he competes for the hardest dives within the world,” Daley chimed in. “It was very amazing to see him do that dive.”

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