Andy Cruz won a fourth boxing gold for Cuba in men’s lightweight 57-63kg

Andy Cruz has given Cuba its fourth Olympic title at Tokyo 2020 by landing gold within the men’s lightweight last (57-63kg) after barely vanquishing USA’s Keyshawn Davis.

In a re-run of the 2019 World Championships, the 22-year-old American. It was constrained to require silver after a part decision favored Cruz, who is additionally the ruling Pan-American winner.

Keyshawn Davis

Andy Cruz won

Davis had set a fast pace from the opening chime by going out. On the assault with Cruz awaiting his time sometime recently hitting the target. The beat seed went back to his corner at the conclusion of the circular ahead by four judges. The story switched within the moment circular when Davis, buoyed on by the vocal support of his group within the Kokugikan Field, landed an arrangement of blows on the 25-year-old to win all 10s from the judges.

There was everything to play for the third circular. Davis was a conBstant risk, but Cruz replied with killer pokes. By the end both raised their arms in celebration. There was an anguishing hold-up for the result. And before it was reported that Cruz had won 4-1 and the Olympic title. The judges had favored his capacity to guard himself and answer with fewer visit shots. On his way to last, he had annihilated Australia’s Harry Garside 5-0 in the semifinal. And within the prior rounds Brazil’s Wanderson de Oliveira 4-1 and Incredible Britain’s Luke McCormack 5-0.

“I’m very cheerful since I seem to reach my goal. It was my goal to reach gold and I fulfilled that,” said an elated Cruz after the bout.

Davis, who took silver, moreover responded positively to the fight: “I feel like it was a great battle. It was moving so fast, I barely remember it. But I felt like it was a 3-2 choice, it was a great technical fight, I think the fans cherished it.” On winning a silver decoration, he included: “Everything was worth it, man. Indeed in spite of the fact that it’s a silver medal, I still learned a part about myself in this competition, driving up to the silver medal. I think I’m a distant better warrior now.”

Elimination round 5-0

The bronze medals were granted to Garside and Armenia’s Hoyhannes Bachkov, who Davis had beaten within the elimination round 5-0.

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