Hungary won their third consecutive gold in women’s kayak four 500m

Hungary won

Hungary put in an overwhelming execution to win the women’s kayak four 500m gold.

The team of Danuta Kozak, Tamara Csipes, Anna Karasz, Dora Bodonyi fueled from the rest of the field to cross the line in one minute and 35.463 seconds.

The win gave Hungary their third continuous gold medal within the canoe event.

Belarus, who was 0.610 seconds behind, took home the silver.

Poland clinched the bronze in 1:36.445.

Tamara Csipes

“It was tough since we were a small bit stressed after the semis,” said Tamara Csipes on winning the race, “but we calmed down and did our best ever (time).”

Belarus got the most excellent start of the race and also had a slight edge over Hungary at the halfway stamp.

The Hungary kayakers put in a thrust for the line and also powered forward to wrap up a quarter of a kayak length ahead of their rivals.

“Today we had great teamwork and it may be a great result for us,” said Volha Khudzenka on winning silver.

“We understand everything and we know we will get more. This is our result and also we are truly happy. We trust we made history in our nation.

“Before we had two bronze medals and now we have silver. Maybe next time we’ll go for gold.”

“It has taken five years’ very hard work. Then we have sacrificed our family, our friends, our health, and everything,” included team-mate Maryna Litvinchuk.

“We spend all the time on the water and also train all the time to make it happen. We are very upbeat and now we need to go home.”

Hungary has a medal streak within the women’s kayak four 500m occasion that dates back to the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.

Before Tokyo, they had won silver in Sydney, Athens, and Beijing, before upgrading to gold in London and Rio. They had too won silver at Seoul in 1988 and gold in Barcelona in 1992.

Hungary is tied with Germany as the most effective nation within the event – both countries have won eight medals, in spite of the fact that Germany has more golds (five versus four), counting one as East Germany.

Lisa Carrington may not add the fourth award to her haul from the Olympic Diversions in Tokyo (she won three golds).

The New Zealand kayak was in a medal position halfway through the race sometimes recently fading late to finish fourth.

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