Spain’s Ginés López takes historic gold in men’s combined sport climbing

Spain’s high school sensation Alberto Ginés López took the first-ever gold award in men’s combined sport climbing at an Olympic Diversions on the last day that saw France’s Bassa Mawen need to drag out some time recently activity got underway due to injury.

“It’s a dream come true,” said the Spanish gold-winner. “I didn’t expect it at all. I didn’t expect to get into the final. A dream come true. “[It helped] having my head in the right place, which during this past year I’ve not been able to do, but here I was able to feel in the right place.”

The Spaniard was best over the three disciplines on the day (speed, lead, and bouldering) to wrap up at the head of the eight-climber field at the Aomi Urban Sports Stop.

The 18-year-old opened with a win within the speed discipline, then proved his all-around ability by finishing seventh in lead and fourth within the bouldering.

Ginés López

He finished with 30 points by and large (with the person wraps up all multiplied together).

Behind Ginés López, in a moment put taking after the third and last lead event, was Group USA’s Nathaniel Coleman (silver), and Jakob Schubert of Austria closed out the platform with the bronze.

“I never challenged to recognize the dream that I could medal. Fair making finals was my Hail-Mary objective,” said Group USA’s Coleman after picking up the memorable silver decoration. “It fair goes to appear you that climbing is such a dice roll, based on how the course setters set the course and set the boulders. Whether you’ve got a great two fortunate runs in speed, it’s truly a toss-up.”

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