German table tennis Timo Boll has made the final men’s team competition

Boll could be a tremendous celebrity in the People’s Republic of China.

There’s a video of his beat 10 shots on YouTube and one of the most liked comments reads: “Unfortunately, Timo gets distant as well small consideration as distant as his status is concerned. For me, he’s effortlessly on a standard with Schuhmacher, Nowitzki, Graf, and Becker. A true Legend”.

For Boll’s compatriots, it may be inconceivable to assume how popular he genuinely is within the People’s Republic of China. In a nation where table tennis is the national sport, Boll may well be a bonafide superstar.

LIU Guoliang

LIU Guoliang, the renowned table tennis player, and coach had this to say around Boll: “I have always told Chinese athletes that in expansion to his playing, his on and off the field his interactions with people make him a part model and a symbol within the world of table tennis.”

Timo Boll says he trusts he has continuously been a polite and gracious person. And for somebody who is “obscure” in his hometown, he considers it’s really a good thing.

“I have a relatively normal life in Germany, where I can do normal things, and in China. I can feel like a superstar,” said Boll, “I live in two worlds, and I think it’s a perfect combination. In fact, I’m quite happy with that.”

The road to Tokyo

German table tennis

For Boll, the delay of Tokyo 2020 was a lifeline In mid-2020. He endured serious spinal injury and had to pause all sporting activities. On the off chance that the Olympics had taken put the final year. He would have not been able to play.

“Will I be able to hold up physically?” he pondered. “I’m 40 now so there has always been a question mark.”

European players have regularly had longer careers but indeed in Europe, Boll is an irregularity. He was a table tennis wonder who started playing at age four and won the European Championship at 16. At the 2002 Table Tennis World Container, he staggered the world by beating two of the People’s Republic of China’s most celebrated players, WANG Liqin and KONG Linghui. Over the following decade, he won the European Championship 15 times (eight group and seven singles titles), eight World Container singles awards (counting two golds), and eight European Championship singles golds – counting one fair a month sometime recently Tokyo 2020.

That final European Championship came at fair the proper time for Boll, giving him a much-needed certainty boost and the information that he was still physically able to mix it with the most excellent at the international level.

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