Hungary’s Sandor Totka was won gold in men’s kayak single 200m

Hungary’s Sandor Totka has blasted his way right from the blocks and scored a thrilling victory nowadays at the men’s kayak single 200m at Sea Forest Waterway.

In a tight thrilling battle to the finish line. The Hungarian canoeist blitzed the field to clock in at 35.035. Totka and the rest of the competitors had to wait for a moment to find out who made it to the top podium.

“When I was close to the finish line I was waiting because I was not sure of the result but when I saw H-U-N in the first place, I couldn’t believe it,” Totka said.

This is a gold redemption for Totka who was put fourth at Rio 2016. And also the moment Tokyo 2020 gold medal for Hungary after Balint Kopasz won the men’s kayak single 1000m final Tuesday 3 August.

Totka is the final ever K1 200m Olympic champion as the event will not be part of Paris 2024. Hungary’s Sandor Totka

Italy’s Rizza Manfredi

Italy’s Rizza Manfredi gave a similarly staggering execution with a time of 35.080. Which was a fair 0.045 behind Totka to clinch silver.

“I am feeling like all my work, all the effort I have put in, finally I get something back. I am really happy. This medal for me is a dream realized and I have to thank all the people who have been working with me.”

Defending London 2012 gold medallist Liam Heath. Who made Olympic best time recently at the quarterfinals. It had to settle for bronze today.

While he was prepared for gold at the finals. He made a moderate beginning and also couldn’t get past Totka and Rizza in today’s finals.

Typically the fourth Olympic award for the British canoeist after as of now having secured a bronze (K-1 200) and also silver (K-2 200) at London 2012, and gold (K1- 200) at Rio 2016.

“It has been a roller coaster, over such a long period of time within the expanded Olympic cycle. So numerous highs and lows, so numerous tests and lessons. I am feeling truly great, to be honest.

“I got left in buckets a small bit, there was a bit of wavering there. There was a bit of a long hold-up within the buckets, with the sensor framework or anything they are using to hold us within the buckets. It is very a complicated framework but it doesn’t do the nuts and bolts of holding the watercraft back.

“I haven’t looked back on the race and I probably won’t for a couple of weeks.”

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