Australian Keegan Palmer wins gold in men’s park skateboarding

Australia’s Keegan Palmer scored not one but two brilliantly executed exhibitions within the men’s park skateboarding finals nowadays to arrive him gold and Australia’s, first-ever Olympic gold medal in skateboarding.

Palmer makes the pack right after his first run where he scored an enormous 94.04 which no one could surpass indeed after three rounds of the competition. But it was his third and final run that eventually sealed that deal, as his score of 95.83 was the one to beat.

Palmer opened his mouth in disbelief after accepting top scores from the judges.

“It’s an absolute honour to skate with my friends. I can’t believe I’m here in Tokyo for the Olympics, skating with so many of my best friends from when I was little. And now we’re all on the podium together, and it’s an absolute honour,” Palmer said.

“Everyone’s been preparing for so long, lost out on the final year. I worked my ass off a long time for this, and I saw it through to the conclusion. I’m fair thankful for everybody that’s been there for me, and I’d rather like to say thank you.”

Skateboarding into Olympic history

 Australian Keegan Palmer

However, world no 4 Pedro Barros of Brazil showed his strut around the skateboard park by scoring an amazing 86.14 in his first run to clinch silver.

“Today isn’t magic just because I have a medal on my neck. It’s magic because I was able, together with my friends – a bunch of kids – to write history,” the 26-year-old Brazilian skateboarder said.

Barros says that his victory today goes beyond the sport.

“We’re making sport a better place, a better world. That’s what it’s really about.”

“Skateboarding may be a community, it’s a way of life. It goes way past fair a don. But it’s lovely to see that we were able to do here now, competing within the greatest wear occasion within the world that exhibits the control that we genuinely have when we’re together, sharing adore and respect. It’s beautiful.

“I’m really honoured to be here with these guys.”

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