Ana Marcela Cunha won gold in the women’s 10km marathon swimming

Brazil’s Ana Marcela Cunha won the women’s 10-kilometer Olympic marathon swimming at the event in Tokyo on Wednesday.

Sharon van Rouwendaal of the Netherlands, who is always looking into her and guarding her title against the 2016 Games in Rio. That took the silver and Kareena Lee of Australia claimed bronze.

The swimmers cut through the water of Odaiba Marine Park. With clouds sitting low in a blue sky giving welcome shade from the blasting sun.

With barely any wind and a small current. The race got to be a show of perseverance. And strategies as best award contenders hung back. Within the starting of the competition and slowly picked up the pace all through the swim.

Cunha won her begin medal in her third Olympics. She was 10th five a long time back in Rio de Janeiro and fifth within the 2008 Beijing Games.

“We arrived here needing, as much as you’ll, this medal,” Cunha said. “I said to my coach to win this race will be exceptionally troublesome for my rivals since I need it so difficult, so much, and I’m truly well prepared.”

Sporting green-and-yellow hair taking after the colors of Brazil’s hail, Cunha smiled and signaled No. 1 after getting out of the water.

After the medal was put around her neck. Cunha set down her bouquet on the platform and saluted the hail with her right hand. Then she took a lively chomp out of her medal.

Alice Dearing

Ana Marcela Cunha

The primary Black female swimmer to speak to Britain within the Olympics wrapped up 19th. She made news sometime recently the Recreations with her offered to wear an extra-large cap outlined particularly for thick and curly hair.

“It’s incredible to race at the Olympics, but I’m really disappointed. I have more to give than that,” she said. “It was just the pace, I guess. I wasn’t expecting it. I was constantly playing catch-up.”

Dearing made news before the Games with her offered to wear an extra-large cap outlined particularly for thick and wavy hair. FINA rejected the cap, citing no past occasions in which swimmers needed “caps of such size and configuration.”

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