Underwater Hockey Rules & Tips

Underwater Hockey (in some cases called Octopus) was invented within the 1950s by the British Naval force. In arrange to keep their jumpers in shape and to make strides in their productivity beneath the water. It at that point got to be advanced in Australia sometime recently growing over the world. The sport intertwines disciplines from both ice hockey and swimming in making a competitive and reasonably physical battle.

Object of the Game

Each group comprises 10 players. There will as it were ever be 6 players submerged within the water. At any one time with the reaming 4 players acting as rolling substitutes comparable to Ice Hockey. The players at that point stay on the swimming pool floor where the 3lb puck will be arranged. Players are permitted to pass the puck along the floor to group mates employing a adhere that’s connected to their glove of generally one foot in length.


A goal is scored when a team oversees to hit the puck into their opponent’s objective utilizing their adhere. No other instrument or body portion can be utilized within the diversion. And also any goals considered to come off a player’s body will result in a foul in their rival’s favour.

Winning the Game

The game is won when the designated time has surpassed and the group with the foremost goals is the winner. If the game could be a tie after the distributed time. At that point an additional 15 minutes is played until a champ is found.

Rules of Underwater Hockey

  • Teams comprise of 10 players with 6 players within the pool at all time. The remaining 4 act as rolling substitutes.
  • Games take put for two 15 diminutive parts with a 5 diminutive rest period in between halves.
  • Players for the most part cover zones instead of having positions but arrangements do come into play.
  • Teams can moreover be part of assault and guard. Varieties of midfield players have moreover been noted before.
  • Players can as it were score utilizing the adhere in their hands and cannot use anybody’s parts to help to move the puck. Players are precluded from making contact with players unless they are in possession of the puck.

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