Thumb Wrestling Rules & Simple Tips

“One, two, three, four… I announce a thumb-o-war!” could be an express you’ll listen to in play areas and parks and wherever children play around the world. But as well as being a well-known children’s recreation, Thumb Wrestling (moreover known as Thumb War) is a real sport with official rules and indeed a world championship.

Object of Thumb Wrestling

The object of the don of Thumb Wrestling is straightforward, to overcome your adversary by sticking your opponent’s thumb while saying “one, two, three, four, I win thumb-o-war!” inside each 60-moment circular constrain as stipulated by the rules of the World Thumb Wrestling Championship.

Players & Equipment

Thumb Wrestling

Anybody can play Thumb Wrestling because it doesn’t especially depend on control, quality, or explosive speed like sprinting, weightlifting, or combat sports. In any case, Since the estimate of the thumb can play a calculate in a Thumb War, men tend to compete against men and ladies against ladies. Youngsters as well ought to as it were truly play other youngsters. As well as in the event that they need a fair match.


Thumb Wrestling

Because Thumb Wrestling is a simple win/lose the game, there is no scoring as such. Each match is fought over one single round with one single point. However, outside of the World Thumb Wrestling Championships in more informal games amongst friends. Games are often contested in a best of three or best of five formats, the player winning two or three rounds respectively winning the match.

Winning the Match

In the World Thumb Wrestling Championships as mentioned earlier. Matches are fought over one single round, so to win the match. One competitor has to pin their opponent’s thumb with theirs, long enough to utter the words “one, two, three, four, I win thumb-o-war!”

Rules of Thumb Wrestling

Thumb Wrestling
  • Each player stands confronting each other. Both players ought to reach out with the same hand (right or cleared out). And also snare the four fingers of their hand together so that both are clasped firmly together.
  • Once the hands are clasped, both contenders ought to at that point chant the taking after rhyme, “One, two, three, four… I announce a thumb-o-war!”
  • As before long as the chant is over, the challenge starts. And keeps going for a add up to of 60 seconds as each player endeavors to stick their opponent’s thumb.
  • The challenge is won when one player oversees to stick their adversaries thumb for the length of time it takes to say “One, two, three, four… I announce a thumb-o-war!”.
  • If the referee is in agreement that this has been effectively done, at that point the player has announced the champ.
  • At the end of the 60 seconds there is no winner 2 further rounds are played.
  • If no winner is found in these rounds. Then the game is settled by a sudden death game of rock, paper, scissors.

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