Throwball Rules: How to Play Throwball

Throwball Rules. Throwball is an exciting non-contact sport that’s played by two groups of seven players. On a rectangular court with a net over the center. The game offers its roots with volleyball and while, on the surface, it may see comparative, there are a few essential contrasts. Like volleyball, it is played on a court that’s part into two with a net within the center. But the playing surface of the court is much bigger than a regular volleyball court.

Object of the Game

The goal; of the game of Throwball is for one group to vanquish their rivals by scoring more points than them in each set. Each set being won by the primary to 15 points. Win two sets and the amusement is won. Players in Throwball endeavor to overcome their rivals by tossing the ball into the resistance half. Trusting that the other group will come up short to return it, scoring them a point. Throwball Rules.

Players & Equipment

Throwball Rules

Players require no extraordinary equipment separated from shorts and a group shirt with their assigned number on the back. The ball utilized ought to be an official Throwball, which is exceptionally comparative to a volleyball but is somewhat bigger. The playing court as well is bigger than a volleyball court, measuring 12.2m by 18.3m and with a net stature of 2.2.

Scoring :Throwball Rules

Throwball Rules

Throwball is scored like volleyball and uses rally scoring. That means only the team serving can score a point and does so when the opponent faults. Faults can include:

  • Failure to return the ball over the net
  • A player touching the ball twice
  • Touching the net

Winning the Game

Throwball matches comprise of three sets, with each set being won by the group who is also the primary to score 15 points. The primary group to win two sets is pronounced the winner. Due to the quick-paced nature of the amusement of Throwball. Then the groups are required to show an awesome bargain of cooperation and wellness to be successful in beating their opponents.

Rules of Throwball

  • Throwball is played on a court that measures 12.2m x 18.3m with a neutral box at either side of the centre measuring 1.5m.
  • A net is placed across the centre of the court at a height of 2.2m.
  • Throwball shall be played between two teams, each consisting of twelve players, seven of whom can be active on the pitch at any one time. The remaining five players are substitutes.
  • Throwball uses rally scoring in which points can only be scored when serving.
  • Matches should be played for the best of three sets, each set’s winner being the first to score 15 points.
  • Service is done immediately after the referee’s whistle at the start of the game and also after a point is scored. It is done from behind the back line towards any area of the opposition’s half.
  • Points are lost in Throwball if a team fails to return a serve or throw such as by hitting the net of failing to catch the ball and then throw it back.
  • Balls should not be volleyed as in volleyball but should be caught and then thrown quickly. Any ball being released should be done so from on or above the shoulder line only.
  • Passes are not allowed in Throwball, as soon as a player receives the ball. They should return it over the net immediately.
  • Two players cannot catch the ball simultaneously.
  • All players should be appropriately dressed with a team jersey and shorts with their number being printed on the back of the jersey.

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