2020 Olympics: Belgium blows out Puerto Rico 87-52 in Play Match

2020 Olympics. The Belgium women’s national ball group beat Puerto Rico on Friday morning (Japanese time) in Tokyo, 87-52.

This game was a rout from the beginning as the Belgian Cats held the Puerto Ricans to 25 percent shooting with a 43-24 halftime lead. Washington Spiritualists forward Emma Meesseman wasn’t the super overwhelming scoring drive within the starting she was in there, to begin with, a game against Australia, because she didn’t need to.

Belgium group has truly inspired this time. After a colossal win over Australia, they are set to urge their energy to get going. They have been a great general group. In addition, they have an adjusted squad making them a steady and decoration contender in this edition of the Olympics.


2020 Olympics

Instep, it was Hanne Mestdagh who scored 12 of her 18 points in those, to begin with, 20 minutes. Still, Meesseman wrapped up the day with 26 focuses, 15 bounce back and 6 helps. She is playing like a lady had, a lady on a mission. 2020 Olympics

She doesn’t just want to have a chance at a medal. Meesseman wants the Gold Medal!

2020 Olympics

In expansion to Meesseman, Kim Mestdagh included 15 points and Indiana Fever protects Julie Allemand included 10 more.

For Puerto Rico, Jazmon Gwathmey scored 20 points and had 5 rebounds. Puerto Rico was eventually held to 24 percent shooting and was outrebounded, 54-33. That says something around Belgium since it’s not exceptional for groups to let up on the weight once an amusement is chosen. This challenge fair wasn’t the case.

Belgium has appeared an incredible quality within the starting itself. With such a tremendous edge triumph they appear a genuine potential to the award count. Whereas Puerto Rico is battling they don’t have much of the involvement as the Belgians. This coordinate-up must be a Belgium game any day. Capture Belgium vs Puerto Rico expectations and appreciate the up-and-coming match.

Case in point? Emma was on the floor for 31 minutes in this one.

Belgium’s last game is against China on Monday, Aug. 2 at 4:20 a.m. ET.

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