Most Expensive Nike Shoes in the World

Most Expensive Nike Shoes in the World

Nike has been trailblazing within the sneaker industry since it entered the scene in 1971. Since of them, tennis shoes have ended up more than fair common sense, with the esteem being set on consideration to detail and fine shapes and outlines.

#1 – Nike Air Jordan 12 (Flu Game) – $104,765

Flu Game Jordans - Price and Release Info | Most Expensive Nike Shoes

The primary passage on this world’s most expensive Nike shoe list; could be a match of Michael Jordan’s famous Discuss Jordan 12 sneakers; worn amid the notorious “flu game” in 1997. As the title recommends, he played this amusement in spite of having the flu, indeed scoring 38 points. After the amusement, he had given the shoes to a ball boy who, in 2013; sold them to an unidentified buyer for the cost of $104,765. This combine is effectively one of the rarest shoes on the planet; once having the notoriety of being the foremost costly Nikes within the world.

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#4 – Nike Mag self-lacing training shoes – $200,000

Someone Spent $200,000 To Cop The Last 89th Nike Air Mag Pair ~ Sneaker  Exclusive Most Expensive Nike Shoes

These Nike Mag self-lacing coaches, moved by the shoes worn by Marty McFly in Back to long Drag II. This made highlights when it was at last discharged in 2016; a add up to 27 a long time after the film came out. Aside from the visual review. The shoes gloat of the capacity to fit well on the feet much recognized to the self-lacing advancement. Michael J. Fox Establishment in November 2016 sold for $200,000.

#3 – Nike Waffle Racing Flat “Moon Shoe” – $437,500

Rare Nike Racing Flats Set Auction Record | Online Auctions | Sotheby's Most Expensive Nike Shoes

Adjusting up our beat 3 most costly Nikes is the Nike Waffle Dashing Level “Moon Shoe,” a development from 1972. These shoes were broadly whipped up by Oregon track coach and Nike co-founder Charge Bowerman; who poured elastic into a waffle press, successfully moving the scene of running shoes. In July of 2019, Sotheby’s unloaded off a match of these hustling pads for $437,500.

They were said to be one of the first sets handcrafted by Bowerman himself. The fortunate buyer was Miles Spencer Nadal; who bought the tennis shoes so he seems to put them in his car exhibition hall in Toronto.

#2 – Nike Air Jordan 1s – $560,000

Original 1985 Air Jordan Game Shoes Bring Record $560,000

Once more we have shoes worn by Michael Jordan in a ball amusement – the Nike Discuss Jordan 1s. He had utilized them in 1985, and they’re known for being jumbled in measure. The cleared out is measure 13 whereas the proper is estimate 13.5 – an unconventional choice that Jordan favored for playing. In May of 2020, the combine was sold off online at a cost of $560,000; which was 5 times the expected cost and got to be the foremost costly shoes ever sold. Most eminently, the correct shoe has Jordan’s signature attached in changeless ink.

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#1 – Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordans – $2 Million

solid gold jordans buy clothes shoes online

The number one most costly Nike shoes actually weren’t sold to anybody; and they’re not really wearable shoes for that matter. Thus, this might fair be a reward item. Rapper Drake is also dependable for the presence of these custom-made Strong Gold OVO x Discuss Jordans; which are the foremost expensive Nike shoes in the world. This is also conceivably the most noteworthy frame of bling anybody can ever appear off.

Outlined by craftsman Matthew Senna and looking more like a statue than shoes, the match sums to an amazing cost of $2 million. That closes our list. So, the following time you choose out Nikes and think they may be as well expensive. Come back here to see just how much the rich can dish out to urge the most excellent kicks. Maybe one day you’ll also be able to bear one of these, as well.

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