Greco-Roman Wrestling Rules & Guide

Greco-Roman Wrestling. Greco-Roman Wrestling could be a combat sport performed on a circular mat. Participants are required to utilize their upper bodies. To execute an assortment of diverse moves to stick their adversary and also score points in arrange to win the fight.

Numerous accept that Greco-Roman Wrestling is the most seasoned sport on the planet. With antiquated cave drawings proposing that competitions may have been held way back in 3000 BC. When the cutting edge Olympics was. to begin with, propelled in 1896, Greco-Roman Wrestling was a highlight and the wear has kept on show up in different groups. At the diversions ever since (with the exemption of a break in 1900).

Object of the Game

The objective of Greco-Roman Wrestling is to overcome the rival over three rounds (all two minutes in length) employing an assortment of upper-body strategies. There are also various ways to win a coordinate. Which are explored in more prominent detail within the “Winning” segment underneath. Greco-Roman Wrestling.

Players & Equipment

Greco-Roman Wrestling

Greco-Roman Wrestling is contested exclusively by males. At the Olympics and also performed at a variety of different weight levels. Equipment for a typical fight includes the following.


A Singlet is a term utilized to depict a Greco-Roman Wrestler’s uniform. These pieces of clothing are light and tight to help with adaptability. And usually manufactured with materials like Lycra.

Wrestling Shoes

Given how Greco-Roman Wrestling is challenged on a mat. Competitors must wear uncommon shoes that offer great grasp, adaptability, and also adjust. When they are also shaking for position against their adversary on a springy surface.

Blood Rag

It isn’t unprecedented for competitors to drain while they are also locked in in combat amid a Greco-Roman Wrestling challenge. In case this ought to happen, a warrior can evacuate their “Blood Rag” (which they tuck interior their singlet) to stem the stream of blood.


Helmets are optional in Greco-Roman Wrestling. A few competitors may require them due to their physical condition. Though others may select not to wear them out of individual preference.

Fight Mat

All Greco-Roman Wrestling challenges take to put on a circular battle mat. These are built with thick elastic fabric. And also stamped with zones that demonstrate the “Out of Bounds” range additionally the “Passivity” region. On the off chance that a wrestler spends a lot of time within the Lack of involvement zone. It demonstrates they are cautious and are not taking the battle to their opponent.

Scoring :Greco-Roman Wrestling

Greco-Roman Wrestling includes awfully particular scoring criteria with diverse focuses values ascribed to distinctive moves.

Takedown (2 – 5 points)

A “takedown” is when a wrestler pulls his adversary to the ground from a standing position. Takedowns can score anyplace between 2 and 5 points. Depending on their detail, cleanliness, and also control. For illustration, in the event that a wrestler can lift a rival tall off. The mat is a successful way that sends legs straightforwardly over the head. He will regularly score 5 focuses. A more artful takedown with less control (from the side or stomach) will score 2 points.

Reversal (1 point)

In case a wrestler is in a protective position on the mat. That can overcome this to pick up an assaulting advantage. They are granted a point for a “reversal”.

Exposure (2-3 points)

2 to 3 points can be granted for “exposure”. This can be when a wrestler uncovered his opponent’s back to the mat for a few seconds. Once more, detail and execution will be considered in terms of the precise number of points scored.

Penalty (1-2 points)

In case a wrestler takes a time-out that was not constrained by bleeding, their adversary will be granted a Punishment point. These sorts of focuses may too be granted to rivals in the event that a wrestler breaks the rules in any way. Such as utilizing illicit moves like striking or snatching underneath the abdomen. Sometimes, the arbitrator will caution a wrestler or preclude them totally for repeat offenses.

Out of Bounds (1 point)

If a wrestler places one foot outside of the designated flight area, their opponent will be awarded an “Out of Bounds” point.


Greco-Roman Wrestling

Like with numerous other combat sports, there are also various ways to win a battle in Greco-Roman Wrestling. These incorporate by pin/fall, specialized pin/fall, judge’s choice, default, or preclusion.

By Pin/Fall

Most wrestlers will endeavor to win a coordinate by pin/fall. This can be accomplished by solidly snatching the opponent’s shoulders. And also locking them onto the tangle for a period of 1-2 seconds. The referee and also judges will decide in the event that a pin/fall is valid. On the off chance that a drop is accomplished. The match ends and also the wrestler who executed the effective pinfall wins the battle.

By Technical Pin/Fall

In case a wrestler is leading by eight points amid any break in the action, he will be crowned the victor by “Technical Pin/Fall”.

By Judges’ Decision

In the event that not one or the other wrestler oversees to win a challenge by means of pin/fall amid the three rounds. The judges will aslo check their scorecards to see who has accomplished the foremost focuses. The most noteworthy scorer will be granted the win. On the off chance that the scorecards are tied.The wrestler who has brought about fewer punishments and executed a more noteworthy number of higher scoring moves will be crowned the victor.

By Default

Every so often, a wrestler may not be able to perform due to harm, and also in this case, his rival will be granted the win by default.

By Disqualification

On the off chance that a wrestler proceeds to break the rules over and over. The arbitrator may preclude them, which is also able to result in their adversary winning the match. Greco-Roman Wrestling.

Rules of Greco-Roman Wrestling

Greco-Roman Wrestling

Greco-Roman Wrestling has a particular set of rules that sets it apart from other forms of wrestling.

  • Holds below the waist area are forbidden. This includes grabbing opponent’s knees, thighs or legs.
  • Leg trips, kicks and also knee strikes are also forbidden.
  • Each fight round is separated into three segments. One 60-second segment for neutral position combat (on their feet), and also two 30-second sequences for ground combat (on the mat).
  • The wrestler who scores the most points. In the 60-second neutral position segment will be also granted the on-top advantage for the ground combat period. If the wrestler on top cannot score any points. His opponent on the bottom is awarded a point for good defence. The wrestlers then switch positions to allow both athletes a chance to earn points on top.
  • If neither wrestler scores any points during also the first neutral position segment. The officials flip a coin to determine who also begins the ground combat sequence on top.
  • The aim is to accumulate as many points as possible during every segment. As this gives the wrestler the best possible chance of claiming a victory on points if a fall cannot be attained.

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