Freestyle Wrestling Rules & Guide

Freestyle Wrestling Rules. Freestyle Wrestling is a combat sport challenged on an octagonal mat with a circle inside. It is one of two variations of wrestling that take put at the Olympic recreations. With the other being Greco-Roman Wrestling. In Freestyle Wrestling, athletes are permitted to grab rivals. Underneath the midriff and utilize their legs for both assaulting and defensive moves. The sport consolidates elements from an assortment of other disciplines, counting sambo, judo, and traditional wrestling.

Not at all like Greco-Roman Wrestling, both men and ladies compete in Free-form Wrestling at the Olympics. The sport is additionally challenged at a wide assortment of diverse weight levels counting light flyweight, flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight, lightweight, welterweight, middleweight, light heavyweight, heavyweight, and super heavyweight.

Object of the Game

In Freestyle Wrestling, the most point is to handle a rival and put their shoulders. Immovably on the tangle for a few seconds. Which is known as a “pin” or “fall” and will result in a triumph. Be that as it may, an athlete can moreover win a battle in a variety of other ways. Which are investigated in more noteworthy detail within the “Winning” segment underneath. Freestyle Wrestling Rules.

Players & Equipment

Freestyle Wrestling Rules

In Freestyle Wrestling, The aim goal is to handle a rival. And put their shoulders immovably on the tangle for a few seconds. Which is known as a “pin” or “fall” and will result in a triumph. Be that as it may, an athlete can moreover win a battle in a variety of other ways. Which are investigated in more noteworthy detail within the “Winning” segment underneath.


A Freestyle Wrestling uniform is known as a single. And is regularly made of Lycra or spandex so it’ll fit firmly to the skin advertising. The most extreme adaptability for the competitor and negligible hold for the adversary.

Wrestling Shoes

Freestyle Wrestler athletes too wear uncommonly planned shoes for challenges, which give them with grasp and portability when they are competing on the best of the huge springy tangle. These shoes are ordinarily built with rubber soles.

Blood Rag

Freestyle Wrestling athletes will moreover carry a blood cloth with them into each battle. Typically basically a handkerchief, and can be utilized to wipe absent any blood or sweat that will be compromising an execution or imperiling a rival.


Like with Greco-Roman Wrestling, a battle helmet is optional in Freestyle Wrestling. A few wrestlers get suggestions from their medical group to wear headgear in arrange to ensure themselves. In spite of the fact that numerous incline toward the opportunity of not having a helmet during a battle.

Scoring :Freestyle Wrestling Rules

There’s a really particular focuses framework utilized in Freestyle Wrestling. With the more complex and troublesome moves scoring higher values than the easier ones. Wrestlers are moreover granted focuses for embracing a hostile approach and taking the battle to their rival.

Takedown (2 – 5 points)

Takedowns can score anyplace between two and five points. These are moves that include at slightest three focuses of contact (e.g. two arms, one knee). And change in esteem depending on execution and fashion. For example, a tall scoring takedown will be one that includes a solid toss. From a standing position that lifts an opponent’s legs over their head.

Reversal (1 point)

A “reversal” is when a wrestler manages to outfox. Their rival and turn a protective position into an attacking one. One point is granted to the wrestler who oversees to realize a reversal during the battle.

Exposure (2-3 points):

Exposure or the “danger position” can score a wrestler two or three points. Usually when a wrestler puts his/her opponent on their back for a number of seconds. The number of focuses scored will depend on the viability, execution, and length of the exposure move.

Penalty (1-2 points)

In Freestyle Wrestling, a competitor may moreover be punished on the off chance that they escape a hold. Back absent over the mat, or take a timeout when they are not forced to since of bleeding. In case a wrestler determinedly annoys they will be cautioned. Three cautions can lead to preclusion. A wrestler is entitled to challenge cautions, which can either be maintained or upset by the judges.

Out of Bounds (1 point)

On the off chance that a wrestler places one foot exterior of the assigned battle range, their rival will be granted an “Out of Bounds” point.


Freestyle Wrestling Rules

There are various ways to win a match in Olympic Freestyle Wrestling. These incorporate triumph by stick, specialized stick, judge’s choice, default, or disqualification.

By Pin

Most wrestlers endeavor to win a battle by stick or drop. This includes locking an opponent’s shoulders down on the tangle with control for one to two seconds. Once a stick is made, the arbitrator will check with the judges for their decision. In case they agree with the arbitrator, the battle will conclusion. And also the competitor who made the stick will be delegated the victor.

By Technical Pin

A technical pin/technical drop triumph is granted to a wrestler. Who accomplishes a ten-point lead over their rival at any arranges amid the battle.

By Decision

In case no pin or technical pin is achieved amid a fight. The judges will check their scorecards to see which wrestler scored the foremost focuses all through the challenge. The most elevated scorer is also pronounced the victor.

By Default

In the event that a wrestler can now not proceed with a battle. Due to harm or does not take a portion within the challenge for any reason at all. They will relinquish the match and also their rival is granted the triumph by default.

By Disqualification

In the event that a wrestler over and also over breaks the rules and/or gets three cautions amid a battle. They will be precluded and their rival will be given the win.

Rules of Freestyle Wrestling

Freestyle Wrestling Rules
  • An athlete is forbidden from locking in a leg scissor move to the head, neck or body of their opponent. Scissor moves on the legs or arms are, however, permitted.
  • If a wrestler is considered to be passive. They will be placed on a thirty-second shot clock. If neither athlete manages to score any points during those thirty seconds, the opponent is awarded a point. The passive athlete will also be given a caution.
  • If a wrestler receives three cautions during a fight. They will be disqualified from the contest.

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