Figure Skating Rules & Simple Guide

Figure Skating Rules. Figure Skating could be a sport in which single athletes or groups of athletes. Conduct creative performances on the ice. Both men and ladies take an interest in their own singles events. With combine skating occasions. And also ice-moving events are open to both genders (as a rule one male and one female).

Competitors deliver a wide variety of moves. In order to impress a panel of judges. Who scored the competitors based on their beauty, energy, and control. Moves include jumps and spirals. Within the discussion, turns on the ice. And also a number of different step sequences.

Object of the Game

The general objective in Figure Skating. Is to score the highest marks possible from the judges. Although there are distinctive ways to score points depending on the nature of the event. Figure Skating Rules.

For all Figure Skating competitions. Athletes are required to perform a number of special moves in arrange. To get the most noteworthy conceivable score from the judges. Amid a normal execution. Athletes will execute a choice of turns, bounced, and also steps.

Ice dancing is somewhat similar to pair skating, in spite of the fact that the center here is on footwork and coordination as partners move together in time with the music being played overhead.

Players & Equipment

Figure Skating Rules

Both men and ladies take part in Figure Skating. And there’s small hardware included other than extraordinarily made sets of skates called “Figure Skates”.

Figure Skates

Figure Skates are outlined skating shoes with thick steel edges. At the base and rugged grooves at the front are known as “toe picks”. Which helps athletes with their footwork on the ice. As well as landing and spinning. The particular style of toe picks can vary.

Most blades are ordinarily around 4 millimeters thick. In spite of the fact that they can change depending on the shoe measure of the athlete. They moreover bend circular to one side. In arrange to help with turns on the ice.

Athletes will continuously endeavor to skate on the exceptionally edges of the figure skate edges.


Men and ladies are required to wear particular outfits. In arrange to perform on the proficient arrange. Men are inquired to wear pants. While ladies are required to wear tights, pants, or unitards, as well as skirts.

Scoring :Figure Skating Rules

Figure Skating Rules

Athletes in Figure Skating are scored agreeing to the ISU Judging Framework. By a board of judges (ordinarily nine judges counting a specialized reviewer additionally an arbitrator). These framework capacities also granting competitors. That diverse sums of focuses for diverse sorts of moves. As well as how proficiently and viably these moves are executed. A Review of Execution (GoE) is calculated, and after that. A Scale of Esteem Table is utilized to turn this review into a by and large mark. Figure Skating Rules.

The main aspects scored amid. A typical Figure Skating performance match ability, footwork, execution, elucidation, generally execution, choreography, and also timing. Regularly, the more complex moves will be scored most elevated given. They are executed accurately. For example, more turns in a jump will lead to a higher mark.


The champ of a Figure Skating event is the individual/team who achieves the most noteworthy overall score.

Rules of Figure Skating

Figure Skating Rules
  • Athletes in Figure Skating must keep their performances varied. The Zayak Rule states that no participant can attempt triple or quadruple jumps on more than two occasions.
  • Judges may also mark down participants. Or disqualify them completely if they fail to adhere to rules. And also regulations for music and costumes. Certain types of music are not permitted. And costumes cannot contain “excessive decoration” or be considered as too revealing.
  • Athletes can also be disqualified for time violations.

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