Fencing Rules and Simple Technique

Fencing Rules. Fencing may be a sport with a long history and is one of the fair five sports. To have featured in each cutting-edge Olympic Games. Within the UK it keeps up something of elitist notoriety. In portion due to its affiliation with refined dueling but there are moves to create it more inclusive.

The sport is known as fencing regularly alludes to Olympic fencing. With classical fencing (which is more military expressions based) and verifiable fencing other variations of the don. In this article, We should concern ourselves with the Olympic assortment and its three branches. thwart, saber and epée, The sport moreover known as competitive fencing for a small included confusion!

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to utilize your weapon to strike your adversary. While maintaining a strategic distance from being hit yourself. Basic, heartless, and in case you get it wrong then it’s painful. Fencing Rules.

Players & Equipment

Fencing Rules

Fencing is as it was ever challenged one against one, in spite of the fact that group occasions exist. The foremost vital piece of gear is of course the weapon itself of which. As said, there are three sorts: the epée is the heaviest sword, the thwart could be a lighter pushing weapon. And the saber could be a cutting and pushing weapon inferred from the cavalry sword.

Fencers must wear an assortment of defensive clothing to limit the chance of genuine harm. This incorporates a cover and protective cap that totally covers. The head and features intense work at the front through which fencers can see but which is solid sufficient to repulse the weapons. A fencing coat, cushions and a glove on the weapon hand are too require, with other cushions to secure different regions of the body.


Scoring is done in an unexpected way within the three variations of fencing. When utilizing the thwart as it struck to the middle, neck, crotch, and back number and focuses can as it was be won utilizing the tip of the weapon, not the side of the blade.

Winning the Competition

At the Olympic Games, matches are contested over three-minute rounds. With the champ being either the first to 15 points or whoever has the foremost hits after the three rounds. Other scoring protocols exist and are as a rule based on the primary fencer to a foreordained number of focuses. With a five-point/three diminutive system quite common.

Rules of Fencing

Fencing Rules
  • Fencers must salute one another and the referee at the beginning and end of the bout, with failure to do so can result in the loss of a point (the winner) or even suspension (the loser).
  • Points are scored by hitting your opponent in accordance with the specific requirements for the type of weapon being used (as detailed above).
  • In foil, strikes outside the target area stop the contest before resuming afresh, however strikes with the blade (whilst not counting) do not stop the action; the latter rule also applies to the epée.
  • Barging the opponent, using your hand to cover the target zone or foot faults can lead to a points penalty at the referee’s discretion.

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