Diving Rules: Diving Common Safety Rules

Diving Rules. Diving may be popular water wear that’s practiced in several forms around the world. On the face of it. Diving is one of the only sports in the world. Requiring participants to essentially dive off a stage or springboard into the water. Performing gymnastics to induce the most points from judges. In any case, behind this clear simplicity may be a sport that’s distant more complex and troublesome than it may begin with appear. The one that requires total devotion and also a commitment from anybody who needs to create it to the top.

There are different shapes of diving practiced around the world. Such as thrilling cliff plunging competitions. But by far the foremost prevalent shape of diving is the one seen at the Olympics. Where competitors dive into a pool from springboards or stages of changing statures. The exterior of competitive diving may be a sport that’s practiced. By a wide run of individuals over the planet sheerly for recreational purposes. Diving Rules.

Object of the Sport

The object of the sport of diving is to score high points in a series of dives at that point in the competition. After a series of dives, the person (or combine of divers in case a sets competition) with the foremost focuses are champs. Diving Rules.

Players and Equipment

Separated from a diving board and swimming outfits. No uncommon gear is required for diving separated from a diving board. Or an arrangement of diving sheets on the off chance that competing.

Scoring :Diving Rules

Diving Rules

In most international competitions the judging panel consists of five or more judges. They each judge every dive and award it a score between 1 and 10.

  • 0: Completely Failed
  • ½ – 2: Unsatisfactory
  • 2½ – 4½: Deficient
  • 5 – 6½: Satisfactory
  • 7 – 8: Good
  • 8½ – 9½: Very good
  • 10: Excellent

When judging each dive, they look at five different elements:

  • Starting Position: There are different beginning positions for a dive and each diver will be judged on the execution of this beginning position.
  • The Approach: The diver should move to the conclusion of the board in a smooth motion appearing in great form.
  • Takeoff: Take offs ought to all appear great adjust and control and ought to start an satisfactory separate from the stage or springboard.
  • Flight: The diver should have the right body shape through the flight of the dive, as well as the right sum of revolution and transformation, depending upon the components of the dive.
  • Entry: The angle of entry should be straight with the minimal amount of splash.

To reduce the subjectivity of diving scoring at major diving competitions. The highest and most reduced scores are disposed of and the center three are then included together. The duplicated degree of trouble of the dive is decided by the complexity of the moves performed within the dive.

Winning the Competition

At the conclusion of the competition, the competitor (or match of competitors in case a sets competition) that have the most noteworthy scores are the victor of the competition.

Rules of Diving

Diving Rules

The rule of diving a generally clear, but contrasts slightly between the two fundamental disciplines, springboard diving, and platform diving.

Springboard Diving

  • Six dives should be completed by men, five by women
  • Dives can be performed of any difficulty level
  • One dive during the contest must come from each of five different categories (forward, back, reverse, inward, twisting)
  • Men may repeat one of the categories for their sixth dive, women may not
  • Each dive must be different, meaning no dive can be repeated
Diving Rules

Platform diving & Synchronized Springboard

  • Men complete six dives, women complete five
  • For both men and women, the first two dives must have a difficulty level of 2.0
  • The remaining dives for both men and women can be of any difficulty level
  • Both men and women must complete dives from at least four different categories with at least one of the dives being forward facing

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