Canoe Slalom Rules and Guidelines

Canoe Slalom Rules. Canoe Slalom is too known as ‘Whitewater Slalom’. It may be a competitive water sport where athletes explore boats. Through an arrangement of doors on white water stream rapids. Members control their vehicles utilizing paddles. And are constrained to deal with turbulent conditions whilst endeavoring to total the course within the quickest time conceivable.

Canoe Slalom includes in an unexpected way outlined boats to Canoe Sprint. With little measurements that also offer assistance to help competitors explore their way. Through the rapids with a more prominent degree of mobility and control. The two sorts of boats utilized in a Canoe Slalom race are canoe boats and also kayak boats.

Object of the Game

The question of Canoe Slalom is to total the course within the quickest conceivable time. There are four competitive occasions challenged in Olympic Canoe Slalom. These include:

  • C-1 Men’s : One male in a single canoe boat
  • C-2 Men’s : Two males in a double canoe boat (set to be dropped for future Olympic events)
  • K-1 Men’s : One male in a single kayak boat
  • K-1Women’s : One female in a single kayak boat
  • C-1 Women’s : One female in a single canoe boat (this is due to be added to the games program for the 2020 Olympics).

Players & Equipment

Canoe Slalom Rules

Most Canoe Slalom races are single occasions. There was a Men’s Pairs competition within the past, but authorities have as of late chosen to drop this occasion and present a modern Women’s Singles competition instep. Races are challenged in canoe boats or kayak boats. With members utilizing specific paddles to explore their way through the course. Canoe Slalom Rules.

Canoe Boats

Canoe Slalom Rules

In canoe boats, athletes utilize single-bladed paddles. The sorts of canoes utilized in Canoe Slalom are known as “closed cockpit canoes”, with competitors taking a bowing position when driving.

Kayak Boats

Canoe Slalom Rules

In kayak boats, athletes utilize a paddle that features also an edge at either end. Kayaks are also accessible in a wide assortment of diverse plans. That was utilized in a few sorts of water sports in expansion to Canoe Slalom. Competitors sit interior a cockpit when driving kayak boats.


Canoe Slalom Rules

Each course in Canoe Slalom is fitted with 18 to 25 distinctive gates. Which also have to be arranged in a specific way. Green doors are downstream, while red doors are upstream. Canoe Slalom courses at the Olympic games are man-made concrete channels. And also most groups prepare on them possess fake courses within the lead-up to the diversions.


Canoe Slalom includes completing the course within the speediest possible time. And while there’s no points framework. Such us players can be given time punishments for coming up short to follow to rules. And directions on the course. The quickest Canoe Slalom players frequently total courses in less than two minutes. But this may change depending on the complexity of the course and the trouble of the conditions.


In arrange to win a Canoe Slalom competition, by and large, players must advance through the capability rounds, to begin with. These are also known as “heats” and are completed twice by all competitors. The quickest boats at that point continue to the semi-finals. Where also each member has one opportunity to handle the course. The quickest boats within the semi-finals then advance to the ultimate, where the beat-ranked boats are granted the gold, silver, and bronze medals.

Rules of Canoe Slalom


Athletes take two runs at the course amid the warms. Then the athletes are tied after both runs. They will all advance to the semi-finals. In the event that any competitors are tied within the semi-finals, once more. They will all move on to the ultimate. In the event that there are ties amid the ultimate. Then the gold award will be shared by all the boats that tied first place.


Athletes can cause time punishments by coming up short to follow rules and controls while competing on the course. And also a certain number of seconds will be included in their wrapping up time as a discipline. Punishments can be given for:

  • Touching a gate pole with a paddle or the boat itself (2 second penalty)
  • Taking a gate incorrectly – which includes missing the gate, displacing it by more than 45 degrees, or going through the gate upside-down (50 second penalty)

Boat Dimensions

All canoe and also kayak boats are required to meet certain criteria in terms of their measure, shape, weight, and length. The estimation rules are as takes after:

  • K1 Boats: 3.50m minimum length, 0.6m minimum width, 8kg minimum weight
  • C1 Boats: 3.50m minimum length, 0.6m minimum width, 8kg minimum weight
  • C2 Boats: 4.10m minimum length, 0.75 minimum width, 13kg minimum weight

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