AUSSIE RULES FOOTBALL- (AFL) Australian Football League

AUSSIE RULES FOOTBALL. The Aussie Rules have been around since 1841 in some form or another. It’s a game that’s lovely much solely played in Australia. As it were a proficient association of its kind. The Australian Football League (AFL) is additionally arranged there. Numerous players loving with the sport may call it a blend of footy, football, Aussie rules, and also Australian rules.

Object of the Game

The question of the game is to kick the football between an arrangement of 4 objective posts. Depending on which posts the ball goes between. Will depend on how numerous focuses your score. The ball can be passed around. Between-group mates in an arrangement of styles. The winning group will also be the group with the most elevated number of focuses. At the conclusion of the diversion.

Players & Equipment


Aussie rules pitches are ordinarily played on oval measured pitches. With measurements also extending from 135 to 185 meters in length. And also 110 to 155 meters in width. Numerous Aussie Rules pitches blend with cricket areas as they are also of a comparable estimate and proportion.

The pitches are stamped around the exterior. To highlight the out-of-bounds range. At either conclusion of the pitch, 4 tall posts will be clear. These are the scoring zones and are generally 6 meters in tallness. The two front posts are 6.4 meters separated and also speak to the most scoring range (objective). The two posts behind are too 6.4 meters separated and also speak to the secondary scoring zone (point).


The ball is made from calfskin and also shapes an oval shape (comparative to a rugby ball). Other markings on the pitch incorporate an objective square that’s 9 meters wide and crosses with a width of the objectives posts, middle square, and middle circle. AUSSIE RULES FOOTBALL

Each group will comprise 18 players of who are relegated to diverse positions. These players are permitted to move openly on the pitch. Each group may too have up to three substitutes. Which are ‘rolling’ meaning they can come on and also off as numerous times as they need. Once a beginning player gets substituted these players at that point gotten to be rolling. The positions are broken down into Full Forward, Half Forward, Middle Line, Half Back, and Full Back.


The ball is kicked between the two objective posts (center posts) at that point 6 points are granted.

Winning the Game

The group with the most elevated sum of focuses at the conclusion of the amusement are considered also the winners.


Rules of Aussie Rules Football

  • Umpires signal for all choices and their call is final
  • By kicking the ball between the objective posts without being touched by any other player. The 6 points are granted. In case the ball is kicked without being touched between the behind posts (point) at that point 1 point is scored.
  • A game consist of four 20 minute quarters.
  • The as it were way you’ll pass the ball is to hand ball. For this to happen the ball must be put within the palm of the hand and also after that the ball struck with the butt of the other hand clenched into a clench hand. You cannot toss or slap the ball to perform a effective pass.
  • A player can ‘mark’ the ball when they receive it. This can happen one of three ways. The player catches the ball without the ball bouncing.The player catches the ball after it has travelled over 10 metres or the player catches the ball before it’s been touched in the air.Then a foul will be called. And the team with the ball will advance 15 metres down the field.
  • On the off chance that a player is taken care of. And denies letting go of the ball at that point holding the ball. Will be called by the umpire and also possession will be turned over.
  • Players are allowed to piece their resistance. By shepherding players absent from the ball. This will as it were be done inside 5 meters of the ball.
  • Players are excluded from pushing their rivals within the back either while they are running or while in a handle.

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